Cityline Block 3S | Sunnyvale

This mixed-use project is centrally located in Downtown Sunnyvale and within a 5-minute walk to the Sunnyvale Caltrain station. In combination with adjacent concurrently developed office, residential, movie theater, and supermarket projects, Cityline Sunnyvale is envisioned as a major transit-oriented development that will revitalize the Downtown into an active pedestrian-oriented neighborhood.

The project is comprised of two buildings with ground-level restaurant and retail uses which will be oriented around a major privately-owned publicly accessible open space plaza with 5 existing heritage redwood trees integrated into the design.  Above this will be 464 residential units with 12 levels for each building. The residential parking is located in two basement levels under the buildings providing 469 spaces. A monumental gateway entry portal between the two buildings provides pedestrian access from the Sunnyvale Caltrain station to the open space plaza.  A new mid-block street on the north will be used to access the parking along with servicing the retail, restaurant, and residential uses. These residences will have views of the Santa Cruz mountains to the south, the San Francisco Bay to the north, and the new buildings will be an iconic part of the new Downtown Sunnyvale.


Project / Address

Cityline Block 3S
Sunnyvale, CA

Under Construction


Cityline Block 3S