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Heller Manus Architects (SB, SB-PW, MBE) has dedicated 40 years to developing a diversified, client-oriented firm that is a design and sustainability leader in the profession.

Our design philosophy is based on innovative design, grounded in a respect for continuity and context, particularly in the urban setting. Our designs express not only a functional purpose but also the physical and social context, thereby ensuring quality and relevance for generations to come. Ours is a philosophy that embraces timeless values.

Our portfolio includes a variety of project types ranging from master plans to in-fill buildings, high-rise office towers, multi-family residential, transportation facilities, historic, adaptive reuse, and civic complexes. Our design is done with a common characteristic: high-quality, cost-effective design that is responsive to the end-users’ function. Each new commission is treated as a unique project with distinct attributes. We take the challenges and constraints to create the ideal design solution tailored to the project. Longstanding client relationships and repeat business is a true measure of the success of our personal approach to our work.

Since 2004, Heller Manus International has experienced dynamic growth throughout China. Fostered by strong professional relationships with clients, decision-makers, government entities, and working with local design firms. Our desire to be fully engaged with Asian culture and people has been the catalyst to broaden our portfolio as well as our expertise.

Heller Manus has a long-established track record of maintaining high-quality design and execution while obtaining approvals from governing agencies and neighborhood groups under difficult circumstances. By understanding the public nature of buildings in urban settings, our experience is seamlessly integrated into the design process. This approach consistently produces buildings with a strong, popular appeal.